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Goldfields Transport Books

The 'Afghan Problem' and their Camels

‘The Afghan Problem’ and their camels.

by I Murray, P Bianchi, M. Bloomfield & P J Bridge.

Afghans are now looked upon somewhat romantically but in the 1890s gold rush they were a constant problem for almost everyone. This collection of articles shows the antagonism of the bush against their dirty habits, polluting water, monopolisation of water points, undercutting transport rates and minimal cooperation with others.

Countering this were the importance of vast transport structures built up by Tagh and Faiz Mahomet which kept costs down and had timely delivery schedules; whilst fighting the profiteering of the likes of I. J. K. Cohn.

ISBN 978 0 85905 462 1 (Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2008), A4, 160 pp, illustrated, soft cover, indexed.

Cobb & Co. in the Golden West


Cobb & Co. in the Golden West.

Compiled and edited by Gail Dreezens, P J Bridge and Phil Bianchi.

The WA coaching companies covered immense distances in scarcely explored country. Among them was the WA Cobb and Co run by Nicholas and Kidman.

This collection of reminiscences, reports, timetables, adverts, etc is heavily illustrated.

An essential volume on bush history and transport.

ISBN 0 85905 406 3 (Carlisle, Hesperian Press, 2008), A4, Soft Cover, 166pp, illustrated, indexed.