What's New or Coming Up

Whats coming up

‘Those hills are blue aren’t they?’(due 2014)

            The story of Tommy Ningebong, a highly respected, hardworking and loyal Wiluna district Aborigine and his Blue Hill pastoral lease.

Italians and Slavs on the WA Goldfields (due 2016)

             This book will be a collaborative project with noted historians Dr Lenore Layman and Dr Criena Fitzgerald.  I will be preparing  three or so chapters related to migrants on the woodlines including their immigration problems, racism and sling backs to get and keep work.

Woodlines of WA (due 2016-17)

             This book will cover all woodlines in WA including Gwalia, Lancefield, Nallan, Westonia as well as those servicing the Golden Mile. The previous two woodline books covered the Kurrawang and Lakewood Woodlines only.


Rescuing a Goanna