Along the Canning Stock Route

By Russell Wenholz

An account of the first motor vehicle journey along the full length of the Canning Stock Route. By Russell Wenholz.

In 1968 Russell Wenholz, David Chudleigh and Noel Kealley completed the first full traverse, by motor vehicle, of the Canning Stock Route.

Russell Wenholz is modest about this achievement saying "... I am not bushman, man of the outback, would be explorer or a great traveller in remote areas." After reading this fascinating book I'm sure we would all agree that without people such as R Wenholz, D Chudleigh and N Kealley, traversing country and opening up the outback and remote areas for us all to visit would have been more difficult.

Then there are many of us who are unable to visit these areas for various reasons but by reading books such as ‘Along the Canning Stock Route’ can get an armchair ride.

It has been a delight working with Russell and converting his book, which was text, to a digital format.

On behalf of all people interested in the CSR and its history I thank Russell for making his book available for download free of charge.