BFG AT KO2 Tyres

I recently got a set of six of the new pattern BFG AT KO2s. Without going into the BFG v Coopers v Toyos etc argument, I will explain why I got the KO2s.

In 25 years of 4WDriving I’ve predominately been a BFG man using ATs or MTs with sets getting around 80,000 + kms. What attracted me to the new BFGs KO2 tyres was the thicker and extended sidewall rubber that was developed to deflect stakes and rocks, a perfect feature for outback roads and tracks like the Canning Stock Route, Sandy Blight Junction Road, Anne Beadell and Connie Sue Highways and so on.

The tyre has 20% tougher sidewalls than previous already tough BFGs. It's rated as a 50/50 road and off road tyre and the KO2 should be a great tyre on the black top.

I’ve used the KO2's for numerous short trips around of a few days duration. The first big test with be four weeks on the Canning in May 2016. ll advise how the BFG AT KO2’s perform.