National Luna Fridge

How often have you wished you had a freezer as well as a fridge in your vehicle? National Luna have the solution, they have a large range of 12//24v/240 volt fridges and fridge freezers. We had a 50 litre fridge freezer for 8 years without any problems.

Interestingly these fridges and fridge freezers are made in South Africa and were developed for use by World Health Organisation medical teams to maintain at correct temperatures and deliver medicines to remote areas in Africa.

The 50 Twin has a 40 litre fridge compartment and a separate 10 litre freezer section. Ten litres may not sound much but that is the equivalent of five two litre ice cream containers stacked together.

Our National Luna 50 Twin has performed faultlessly, this impressive fridge freezer made our camping trips so much more enjoyable. However when a new model came on the market in 2015, a 60 litre Twin Combo (25 litre freezer and 35 fridge), we upgraded because of its increased versatility.

Each bin has a separate digital thermostat so it can also be set as either freezer bins or both fridge bins. The 25 litre bin features thicker (60mm) insulation in the walls for maximum freezer efficiency and the 35 litre fridge side uses (42mm) for maximum storage space.

The 12v/24v and 240v have controls that will automatically select to run on mains power whenever it is available - but revert to battery power if the mains go off. It also features an adjustable low voltage cut-out. Two digital thermostats ensure each bin maintains the temperature range without the need to adjust for hotter or colder weather. The unit comes with five plastic baskets.

Since buying our National Luna a number of friends have also purchased them and all of them are equally impressed. One also upgraded to the 60 litre twin combo.

We highly recommend you look at a National Luna Fridge especially the fridge freezer model; you will not be disappointed they are bullet proof.