SensaTyre Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

I’m a freelance 4Wheel Drive travel writer and historian, and I’ve been a four wheel driver for over 20 years travelling extensively in the Western Deserts, including the CSR, Gary, Gunbarrel, Anne Beadell and Connie Sue Highways and numerous places between. In some years I’ve clocked up tens of thousands of kilometres and in excess of 100 days camping under the stars.

These trips include travel across trackless desert with puncture risk being very high. On a recent trip to the remote Ernest Giles Range in WA; a group of five vehicles experienced in excess of 40 punctures in 5 days. Thankfully I had my SensaTyre Monitors keeping watching over my rubber; when I had a puncture I was able to stop before the tyre went completely flat and was damaged. Others were not so lucky, with tyres damaged beyond repair.

Before SensaTyre Monitors I would travel with three spare wheels; on two occasions I limped into Kalgoorlie without any functional spares. Prior to using the Monitors I was never able to wear out a set of tyres, they were usually destroyed by flats long before the wearing out stage. Since I’ve had them I travel with two spares and haven’t destroyed a tyre.

My SensaTyre Monitors have saved me thousands of dollars in replacement tyres and paid for themselves many times over and more importantly I’ve been able to get home with functional tyres and spares.

I use the no nonsense strap on around the rim sensors because they are robust and not prone to damage when off roading. Nowadays I run three sets of rubber, one set of BFG All Terrains for regular desert touring, BFG Mud Terrains for more difficult desert touring and Goodyear Wrangler MTR with kevlar for extreme off road work; I’m so impressed with SensaTyre Monitors I’ve fitted them to all three sets.

SensaTyre Tyre Pressure Monitors, you’d be crazy to leave home without them!

Phil Bianchi

18 August 2012.