Magazine articles

I'm in the fortunate position of being able to c0mbine my passion for WA bush history with four wheel driving. For some ten years I have been writing articles on a freelance basis for magazines such as:

The 4Wd Action stable of magazines including;

4Wd Action, Camper Trailer and Camping,

Fishing WA, initially as a freelance writer then I had a monthly column for some 3 years and

Outdoors WA (now defunct).

Currently I have regular columns in

Western 4Wheel Driver titles 'The Things You See with Truthful Phil',

Go Camper Australia and 4WD Adventures titled 'Get Off Road with Phil'

Some of my trips have been five weeks in duration but the average is two weeks. My historical knowledge enables me to bring more to a four wheel drive trip than just driving around enjoying the scenery and camping. I've organised dozens of trips over the years to remote corners of WA in search of explorer routes, sites, blazes, inscriptions or just the scenery and serenity.

Some recent magazine articles:

New article here

118 Years Apart
Larrakin and the Mog

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In search of Shiddi Pool - see below

Labbi Labbi Country (online) - Link to article on 4WD Action website

Chasing the Dragon - see below

Beadell's Blight - see below

Old 43 - see below

Go Camping Australia has a number of my articles on line